Bowel Prep Instructions for Non-colon Surgery

Bowel Prep Instructions for Non-colon Surgery

A gentle bowel prep regimen is used for both bariatric and some non-bariatric cases. This is primarily to evacuate your intestines prior to laparoscopic cases to increase the intra-abdominal space and reduce the risk of injury to these structures and any subsequent contamination.

The day before your operation, preferably in the morning to allow for best results:

  1. Start a clear liquid diet such as broth, jello, and juice. Stop before midnight and nothing to eat or drink (except medications with sip of water) after that.
  2. Magnesium citrate: one bottle. This is an over the counter medication and does not require a prescription. To allow for a good night rest, it would be best if this were taken in the morning before noon.
  3. A complete colon evacuation is not required. In other words, your bowel movements do not have to be clear. Therefore, it is not required for you to take additional cathartics.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids during the day to reduce risk of dehydration.
  5. Follow all the other written instructions in the Perioperative Instructions handout given to you in office.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact us immediately.


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