Do I Need a Surgery Revision if I'm Not Losing Weight?

Nov 01, 2023

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Do I Need a Surgery Revision if I'm Not Losing Weight?

The decision to undergo a bariatric procedure to assist in critical weight loss is always challenging. The health benefits of the surgery must be weighed against the risks of the procedure and process itself. Further complicating the decision is that bariatric surgery fails to deliver expected weight loss in up to 30% of cases

The good news is that surgery revision is usually an option when you’re not losing the weight you expect. At University Bariatrics, our team specializes in revisional bariatric surgery in cases like these. Dr. Amir Mehran focuses on all aspects of bariatric treatment, so he and his team can help you regardless of your surgery type and procedural success. 

Revision for weight loss surgery failure

When your bariatric procedure fails to deliver the weight loss you expect, revision surgery is the best way to resolve the problem. It’s the primary reason for weight loss failure. 

It’s important to note that a small weight gain after any bariatric procedure is normal, so don’t be discouraged by early results. It takes some time to realize that weight loss isn’t happening, and your doctor will be monitoring the effects of your procedure after your procedure. They’ll sound the alert if adequate weight loss fails to appear. 

As well as weight loss failure, you may also need revision surgery if complications from your procedure emerge afterward. 

Types of revisional bariatric surgery

At University Bariatrics, we’re skilled in the delivery of various revision procedures. These include: 

  • Lap-Band® revision: removal of the band or combined with another bariatric procedure
  • Reversal of vertical banded gastroplasty
  • Revision of vertical sleeve gastrectomy with a conversion to gastric bypass or a re-sleeve gastrectomy
  • Complete reversal of a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, though this is a revision that’s rarely necessary

Virtually any gastric procedure can be revised, depending on the effects you’re experiencing. You can come to University Bariatrics for your revision procedure regardless of where you had your original surgery. 

Results of surgery revision

How your body responds to bariatric surgery revision is hard to predict. Much depends on the original surgery and any complications it may present. Typically, weight loss following a revision procedure progresses slower than a successful original surgery. The choice of surgeon performing your revision is crucial, and it’s an excellent reason to choose Dr. Mehran and University Bariatrics for their dedicated knowledge and experience. 

Your revision is typically performed as a keyhole surgery. This minimally invasive approach means fast recovery. Your revision procedure can often be completely outpatient, so you’ll rest at home that night. After your revision, We’ll provide detailed instructions for your recovery, diet, and lifestyle. 

Contact University Bariatrics in Thousand Oaks, California, by phone or online to schedule your bariatric revision consultation with Dr. Mehran and his team today.

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