Healthy Spring Cleaning Tips for Weight Loss

Feb 27, 2018

Healthy Spring Cleaning Tips for Weight Loss

Spring’s here, which means more daylight, flowers blooming, and a great reason to make your home sparkle! What many people don’t know is that it’s the perfect time to live healthier. Make your journey towards better living (and a clean house!) easier with these spring cleaning tips for weight loss. Check them out!


When it comes to self-control, it’s easier to “behave” when we keep our temptations away – as they say: “out of sight, out of mind.” When you’re done throwing away the expired food you haven’t touched in months, replacing them with healthy alternatives – like nuts, berries, yogurt, and vegetables – can help establish and encourage better eating habits. Eating well is linked to a world of benefits –more daily vitamins for better health, greater weight loss, and improved physical and mental wellbeing.


Yes, we encourage mopping and scrubbing your floors. Clutter can increase stress levels and make it difficult to move around. Getting rid of the dust and unwanted items can boost the mind AND the body. Cleaning not only helps destress, it helps improve living conditions by destroying allergens like dust and mold. Best of all, it can have a positive effect on weight!

Engaging in any type of cleaning – from dusting, to mopping, to rearranging your living room, to cleaning out the garage – can help a 200-pound person burn anywhere from 140 to 270 calories every hour. Who knew it was so easy to exercise and be productive?


Spring cleaning isn’t only about getting rid of unwanted junk. It includes rediscovering useful equipment that was left to gather dust. Take a trip to the attic and see what’s lying in wait! Whatever you find, from weights to sports gear, break them out – they may help you fall in love with new activities!

After all, you don’t need extended periods of exercise to live healthier. While more exercise can help, 20 minutes of activity that increases your heart rate is all it takes to reap the health rewards. The benefits include an improved mood, more energy, decreased risk of heart disease, and, of course, weight loss!


When the rest of the house is spotless, the last place to clean out is the closet. We recommend donating old, baggy clothing for articles a little more form-fitting. Why? Because a positive self-image works wonders towards weight loss!

Baggy clothing can have a negative effect on how we view ourselves – making us look bigger than we are while leaving room for weight gain. When it comes to your wardrobe, here’s a helpful rule of thumb: wear clothes that make you feel your best!

By lightly pressing against the body, tighter clothing tends to act as a subtle reminder to strive towards healthier living while promoting weight loss. In the end, it’s most important to boost your confidence. When we practice self-love, our thoughts become positive and uplifting. Not only does it boost our energy and motivation, it improves our outlook and helps us stay on track with our diets and exercise regimens.


The power of positive thinking is critical; how we view and treat ourselves affects our ability to lead a healthy life. It’s a great habit to adopt because positive thoughts lead to positive results.

When we feel good about ourselves, it’s easier to make healthy, long-term changes in our lives. If we lack personal forgiveness, we are prone to let small setbacks derail our efforts for the entire day. However, when we recognize that we’re human, we realize that stumbling blocks aren’t the end of the journey – they’re a part of it. Positive thinking keeps us moving forward towards the goal of healthier living!

So when you’re done cleaning your environment, give your mind a refreshing break. Whether it’s by meditation or just getting cozy in your super clean home, take some time to think; remember why you’re on this journey, and keep that with you as you keep going!


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