Strawberry and Lemon Infused Water

Jan 26, 2017

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Strawberry and Lemon Infused Water

What if your water tasted like summer?

No, we’re not pulling your leg!

For all of you who miss warm weather and the smell of fresh cut lawns, guide your eyes to the soul-satisfying infused water recipe below.



Strawberries (five or the whole package–you’re choice.)

Half or a whole lemon (depending on how lemony you think summer tastes)

What to do:

1. Fill a pitcher with water.

2. Rinse strawberries and lemon under cool running water.

3. Grate strawberries into the water pitcher.

4. Thinly slice lemons and add to water pitcher.

5. Allow to sit for 3-12 hours in the refrigerator (the longer you let it chill, the stronger the taste).

6. Remove strawberries and lemon slices.

7. Sip and imagine sunny, longer days.

The infused water, if refrigerated, is good for 3 days after infused. So, you’ll be basking your faux-summer for days!

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